titian hidup ini: love at first sight

andai kau kenali dunia ini.. pasti kau kenali penciptaNya..
andai kau faham suara hati ini.. pasti kau takkan sakiti hati ku lagi..

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love at first sight

he's the one who is joined ekspedisi berakit at k.tembeling.. as usual i didn't know people n i am just a girl who is help her mother that cooked for the paticipant. 

then one day, i approve one request from one man. before i app im stalked at his momment. his the police at IPD jerantut. why not im approve this man rite.. 

then.. we start texting each other. at first, i just tought that he didt like me or maybe he had someone special so that he treated me like a someone weird from his life. 

then.. im not replay his text anymore. until that nite, he says sorry to me that he is little busy b4 this. then im just say owhhh oke. yes! in my mind had one bad thought for the man police especially when they are still single. i thought that they are a lot of girl aka player. haha 

but .. with him i felt like one to know him more. maybe because he is police from jerantut. hihi.. soo when the crazy behave me came out, i want him to call me. so we change the phone number. haha

then he call me.. incedently, i asked him have he coming to my village. then he says yes. wahhh its making me soo ibterested. then i asked him what for he always coming there. i didn remember why, but he said that last he coming KT on ekspedisi berakit. OMG then i said that i have come there too.. then i said again that he should remember me. he asked who am i. i just told that im the one who is help for food preparation on that night. im soo shocked that he still remember me . OMG im started shy on that nite. haha

soo since that we text n text until i dont remember when, but in this nite i started like him. he is matured n he made me realized that when we didt like someone, we need to tell the truth. hmmm 

ignore abt it!! as usual he always said that he like me since the 1st sight. he said again that im his first sight love. im a girl, im lie if i didt feel something when he always said like that. yes sometimes i felt that our relationship like a destiny. i didnt want to give a decision abt my feeling until i want he see me 1st.

on 22feb, its our 1st date.. act our 2nd because we already meet but the different this second meet its more special. hihi i spent time with him.. i really love him since that day n a lot of sweet momment we made. i never forgot a piece of second on that day with him at melaka.

the next day, he brought me to meet his bestfriend. on that day im not feeling well. soo its make me want more attention from him to take care of me. yes he really caring. 

then i arrived at ipg on that night around 115am. 

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