titian hidup ini: stand up for the champion

andai kau kenali dunia ini.. pasti kau kenali penciptaNya..
andai kau faham suara hati ini.. pasti kau takkan sakiti hati ku lagi..

kawan2 saya

stand up for the champion

lagu ney ditujukan khas tuk  favourite team.. tak lain dan x bagi.. tuk harimau malaya @ harimau muda n pasukan tok gajah.. PAHANG ..

I was built to be the best
Number one and nothing less
Leave me to my destiny
I have waited patiently
I have vision' oh I believe
I know I can count on me

Here we go it's getting close
Now it's just who wants it most
It's just life that's how it is
Cause we have our strength and weaknesses

And when I fall down
I have to pick myself back up

Stand up stand up
For the champions  for the champions
Stand up

selamat berjuang pahlawanku..

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