titian hidup ini: broken heart saying n my comment

andai kau kenali dunia ini.. pasti kau kenali penciptaNya..
andai kau faham suara hati ini.. pasti kau takkan sakiti hati ku lagi..

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broken heart saying n my comment

1. Girl: Can I Hold Your Hand?
    Boy: No"
    Girl: Why?
    Boy: Because It Will Hurt Too Much When You Let It Go.
= he just saying no but deep inside in his heart,, he want to say yes... its just happen because he had a broken heart with someone he love before.. but i need to pretend something :) pliz forget the past, n never say no for someone new that love us :). myb his/her was not for u... The Almighty always there between us.. n His know what He do :)..
i also hv many time broken heart :( but everything make me strong n learn something from that.. thanks God, now i can be a strong gurl n never give up with this life..:) for broken heart, just be strong n always to the Almighty to make u forget abt his/her n hopefully u find a more better than ****** ex couple before.. soo chaiyok!!!

2. Why is it easy to fall in love and yet so hard to be loved back?
why should I feel such if destiny permits me not?
why do I have to fall if it's you I cant have?
why is there a "you" in "me" but never a "me" in "you"?
: just relax n stay cool :p.. its funny when we still want to remember the **** ones that make us like this!!
i also had loved someone with whole my heart :).. but everything was over when he suddenly change... i don't know why he change.. he said that he love me.. but when a long time we r together he leave me without saying anything :'(.. i know we need a very very long time to forget abt him.. i'm also down.. but thanks God.. my frends always stay with me,, i love u my frends :).. then, when everything ok... i feel better than before.. better b4 i meet him!! for reader, learn something from this.. in this world, there r no one hv clean heart.. everyone hd broken heart.. de different is how we handle de prob.. in this cases, pliz don't down... for teen, we r still young.. just continue ur study.. its more good than thinking abt love.. :) for adult, pray is de good thing.. jodoh tu da ditentukan,, if u'r still single, don't give up.. myb in this world, u'r not..but at THERE, the Almighty was provide ur couple better than here.. so stay cool na.. n just continue our life :P

3. If you could choose between life and death  you would almost rather die
  love is fun but hurts so much the price you pay is high
  And so I say don't fall in love
  : haha,, when i'm broken heart before.. i also agree with this stupid statement!!! almost rather die than couple...
   but this is a word for a stupid people!! sorry.. why must die n why must saying never fall in love??? 
   love is something that very beautiful n we must not saying like that.. but what make me feeling confuse n funny,
   why we must fall in love with someone that most perfect internal n external?? then, when he/she don't want u.. u    said that u want to die or broken heart.. we need to know something, before we want to love someone perfect.. we need to change ourself b4 :).. pasangan yang baik untuk org yang baik:)

4. Every Heart Has A Pain
Only D Way Of Xpression iS Diferent
Some Hide iT iN Eyes
while Some Hide iN Der Smile
: which one is more good?? hide in eyes or smile???
for me.. of course with smile... hikhik.. know something?? when we smile... all de problem we can forget even in the short time..but its more good while always think all de stupid prob.. hehe... forget something!! hide the pain in eyes soo difficult!! i think if i do this..i'm never success :).. smile is a good way rite??? dear... smile pliz like me(^_^).. hehe

5. Nice line said by a
broken heart:
please dont come one
more time infront of
Otherwise again i will
trUst u..
: adehh!! why must love again someone who make us cry?? who lie to us?? who leave us without saying anything or leave us with a **** way??? huh?! just forget this type of person!! ops..is it them person?? for me, there r not person but ******.. hehe.. erm.. but there r also hv a personal reason why someone leave us.. :)... don't judge they r evil..:spin:.. what ever!! i don't know how to comment with thos statement!! actually i'm sleepy.. hikhik

jap.. sebelum tuu nk bg dgr lagu neyy.. sesuai utk broken heart.. hehe.. enjoy it yaa (^_^)


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